Jenn Nacht, Owner of The Scoop

Jenn Nacht

Former owner of The Scoop

Our Sweet History

While the name Sweet Dreams is new to Lenox, the tradition of a beloved ice cream shop in town is not.

Sweet Dreams now resides in the space formerly occupied by The Scoop, an ice cream shop owned and operated by The Berkshires’ Jenn Nacht since 2008.

Jenn purchased the business from SoCo Creamery which at the time was owned by Dan Mazursky. Dan’s mother, Bev, of Bev’s Ice Cream notoriety, owned the original shop that was established in the early nineties.

The Scoop opened in the original Bev’s location on Housatonic Street but moved the shop to the current Church Street location in 2011 to allow for more outdoor space for customers to enjoy their ice cream.

Jenn continued to use Bev’s original ice cream recipes at The Scoop and we are pleased to say that she has passed those recipes on to Sweet Dreams. Now, we can continue the 35+ year tradition of producing small-batch ice cream favorites in Lenox.